Beherit shirt

straid of olaphis
Sun, 28/02/2016 - 09:06

great design

Not for sale or trade
Beherit shirt
Beherit shirt



Have the same shirt, don't see it often


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  • Where did you get that Manowar?
  • mountain6king Thanks so much bro ! I figured you would appreciate the old formats. Vinyl and VHS forever ! Ha, Ha !
  • thanks Kenneth , still some old school places left in Spain , but not too many
  • Thanks so much Kenneth Reza . Awesome you have those posters too ! Yeah the shirt was never worn.
  • Thanks, yeah i am fan of it all too :) Remember shoot first, think never!
  • Amazing collection man, great album and that vhs and vinyl ,yeeeessss analog format ,love it !
  • Killer stuff again Bro. I have both posters too.
  • What he said ^ Blood Like Rain have some of the best bootlegs, keep them bookmarked! Very fast shipping, too.
  • Mister Dead Stock strikes again. Adrien told me about those shops in Spain. This is crazy man.
  • http://bloodlikerain.bigcartel.com/
  • cool old promo photo
  • Thank you !
  • I didn't, it came with a picture disc edition of All Reflections Drained
  • ich habe nur das Poster ... schnief. Das shirt plus Ticket und noch ein paar alte Live-Fotos. Ach schön wäre das.
  • mega hammer - das habe ich so auch noch nicht gesehen
  • Ein affenstarkes shirt - das hätte ich auch gerne :-) Einfach super

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