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Wed, 11/04/2018 - 13:05

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Recent Comments

  • Awesome longsleeve and necklace!
  • Great songs them too :) Oh, okay, then I will correct it.... But it says 1987 on Discogs.
  • Unfortunately, it's hard to find official full artwork in large woven patches. :(
  • Thanks!
  • they really put the bar high with this one!
  • ah shit :D well, as you said, they have some really cool designs, hopefully that will improve over time; I've alway
  • Unfortunately I missed this tour as I had to choose between this and obituary.
  • More like 100 to 125 euro. Most of the time for less than that.
  • Yes it's weird Il like the both period.
  • Really!? Wow! That's a lot. :) thanks. Cheers mate!
  • Fantastic LS, have it, too! Goes for pretty insane prices like €200.
  • Fantastic album, mate, love it, too!
  • It's a really nice design and idea
  • Thank you for clarifying that for me. Was told other wise
  • Taboot taboot
  • Lots of great bands and that Deathhammer shape rules!

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