Trouble - Psalm 9 vinyl

Der Todesking
Tue, 18/04/2017 - 18:56

Steamhammer 1984. You can see I listened to this A LOT! :)

Not for sale or trade


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Killer album!

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Absolutely, one of the best Doom records ever! Thx mate!

Nihilistic-Terrorfront's picture

Sehr geil! Die Scheibe ist einfach nur dufte.

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Du sagst es!! Eine der besten Doom Alben!

Beyond's picture

This is awesome! Most get this on wax some day...
Five burning flames mate!

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Thanks! Didn't know you're into Trouble! But yeah, I love their early stuff too!

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  • I have the same bp, I didn't knew it was official.How do you know it is official?
  • nice
  • where did you buy this gem ?:D
  • where did you buy it ? is it for sale ?
  • Yea'i bet.Moloch always has shirts fully designed.There are more bands from the side of Ukraine who have done that
  • Wahoo, impressive.
  • Mostdefinitely.I have a Japanese reissue of the record including the demo.
  • Beauty!!
  • Same here
  • Great melancholic album
  • A kult black metal ├ílbum
  • I know!
  • Yeah, apparently I'm wearing this one too lmao.
  • If I seem to share your "wearing" selection, wear the caladon brood longsleeve.
  • So it looks like I'm wearing your shirt?!? Check out my profile, there's glitch in the system.
  • Thanks man. Yeah, that's a particularly good photo of Biff.
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