Sleep's Holy Mountain Cassette- Earache Misprint

Tue, 12/09/2017 - 20:44

Sleeps Holy Mountain, Cassette, Earache. On Side B of the tape Nain's Baptism is misprinted as Rajr's Baptism. Not sure if they're all like that or what but I found it interesting

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I think it does say Nain's Baptism, however the font makes it look like Rajr's. Compare the R's to the track above, From Beyond.


The insert is correct, in that wierd font yeah. on the actual tape side b is the misprint. Part of the first R is scratched off though. 3rd pic down, below Inside the Sun. Perhaps clearer (but upside down) on the 2nd pic. Whoever labeled the tape at earache misread the font I'm guessing


Oh it is too. I guess it would be quite easy to misread that font. I checked Discogs, and it's hard to see what the tape scan there says. Cool tape nonetheless.

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  • Yeah you're right, love the production on this one!
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  • 100% agreed better work than most of their >2003 outputs in my opinion and production is huuuuge
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  • The Last Supper had a few good tracks, the title track, Desert Rose and Divided Cross. But yeah.
  • Bought it at a show a while back.
  • Danke, aber ich mach im Grunde gar kein EBay und kaufen/ verkaufen auf tss bildet auch eher die Ausnahme. Cheers
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  • Pure death metal
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  • cool! where did you get that?
  • The beginning made me move into my japanese bathroom. (Oder auf gut deutsch, bin bis ins jaboanische Badezimmer gerückt
  • I have it too. Sometimes its on Ebay for 10 - 20 Bucks. Good Luck
  • Awesome patch!
  • Wow!


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