Enslaved - Monumension Tape

Heiðar Sigarson
Sat, 12/08/2017 - 20:09

Enslaved - Monumension / Tape / 2001 / Norway

Not for sale or trade
Enslaved - Monumension Tape
Enslaved - Monumension Tape


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Recent Comments

  • Probably my favorite battle jacket of all time! Inspiring man, really amazing work.
  • great zipper
  • Nice!
  • Huhhh... never seen one before....
  • Congrats!!!
  • I think one of my fav death metal release ever...
  • Would love to own one of these some day!!!!
  • Killer Bro ! Full Flames !
  • Thanks its one of my fav pins. Really like the colours. its something a little different
  • he rly is, thx..hehe
  • from germany to Austria..for a LP?..around 12-18 euros...ppfffff when u order it from a privat-person.
  • must wait now for x-mas...im not allowed to buy some stuff atm...lol
  • hahahaha...well... :P shit happens..haha
  • maybe i should do the same ...again...maybe its better now..haha
  • ah..not so hard for me :P


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