Black Sabbath - Master of reality

Wed, 22/02/2017 - 16:11

Vertigo vinyl 1971

Not for sale or trade
Black Sabbath - Master of reality
Black Sabbath - Master of reality
Black Sabbath - Master of reality

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  • very nice work
  • That bonded by blood patch is sweet
  • This is just amazing!
  • Wow I'm impressed. This is a hard one to come by.
  • Sick always.
  • yup definately newer...i think purple one is newer and white one is 2007 and original was greyish with different backpri
  • Some damn nice uploads again
  • Yess classic Dutch band... just bought a guitar of one of their guitar-players !!!!
  • Nice one...haha that was what Molly Hatchet was singing about in Big Apple.."We heared of you high heeled steppers.
  • Now that is a fantastic one !!!! I had mine signed by Lee Dorman...
  • Even family friendly version is damn hot to look at haha
  • Not really my kind of stuff...so flaming for collectors mania
  • One should be on eBay, even from the US when i remember right....but quite pricey.
  • Nice one! Great French Metal.
  • Wish i could get one it looks sick but great Jump in the fire collection
  • Wow, I had never seen a Noekk patch before. It looks nice
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