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Fri, 29/06/2012 - 21:56
http://www.nuclearwasteunderground.com/ Interesting shop, though i have never shopped there and cannot vouch for it. if anyone can offer feedback it would be appreciated.


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I placed an order with them on 6/20 and on 6/21 got an e-mail saying my order had shipped, and the message:
Thank you for your recent purchase, we will send your order as soon as possible.

*****Important note to U.S and Canada customers, please note that we are based in Tijuana, Mexico, and due U.S. customs restrictions we cannot cross a high volume of merchandise,
to the United States in order to send the packages through USPS and keep low shipping costs, so, there could be a DELAY in all T-SHIRT orders from 1-2 weeks for your order to arrive, we will do our best so your package
arrive in the best time possible, if you deicide to cancel the order, please let us know in the next 48hrs after receiving this message to refund your payment.*****

All international orders will be shipped through the mexican postage services, and your package should be received in regular estimated delivery time (2-4weeks).

Please keep in mind this before asking, wheres is your package or put paypal disputes.

Please review the information below and notify us immediately if you have any questions.


Customer Service
Nuclear Waste Underground Store

It's now 7/7 and I haven't seen my order yet. They're still within that 2-4 week time period so I won't call my rating final yet, but I do find it kinda bullshit that I'm learning of this fact AFTER I ordered. Prices are good and has some bands I can't find elsewhere, but obviously that doesn't mean shit if the stuff won't arrive.

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hmm... thanks for the feedback. Do post again when its final.

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Will do.

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Okay, *finally* got my shit today, 40 days after ordering them. Stuff mostly looks decent, with some minor variations in fabric, ink brightness, and quality, but not enough to worry about really. So, this was a significant hassle, and I'm hesitant to do business with them again. But if they have what you want and you don't need it quickly, go for it.

(Return address on the envelope was California, FWIW).

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how big was your order?

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Followup to the above. It's now been exactly 28 days (4 weeks) since the notification they shipped. No sign of anything I've ordered. Sick of putting up with this shit, filed a PayPal dispute. I'll post on how that goes. Unless anything changes though, I'll warn:

Sucks too, b/c their selection and prices are excellent. But if it doesn't show up, obviously, that doesn't count for shit.

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hmm... thanks. yeah i probably wont shop there then. its unfortunate.

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I also bought some printed patches from there in 2012 and 2013. It took a while but it arrived in around approx. 70 days.
The quality of the patches were alright, but I got one of them starting to fade after a few month in my jacket.
They have some nice selections of items and their prices is pretty decent.

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(Date should be 8/16 to 9/16. Don`t know why but the date above my post is way off for some reason) Ordered from them on Aug. 14th and the order just got here yesterday September 1st; long wait period but that`s okay. Purchased 11 patches; nine printed, other two color. Printed patches are a mixed bag. Some just like the pictures, others with very light print and defects (Embroidering is a little shoddy as well). Color patches are spot on but with no embroidering and cut too close to picture. Printed patches have typical light nylon-like backing while colors have hard almost plastic like backing. Spent $28.00 total and feel like I got my money`s worth but wish products were a little better. Not all that disappointed but not sure I`ll be back either. Overall, I`d say they`re about average when it comes to any shop you deal with. Only thing I`d recommend to them is better print and more care on the edges of patches. Hope what I said helps.

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(Date should be 9/16 to 10/16. Don`t know why but the date above my post is way off for some reason) Thought I`d give an update since I decided to give NWU another shot after my last order. Placed an order in September and my package arrived earlier than the last one (About two weeks). Ordered around six patches with pretty much the same results as the last time I ordered. Printed patches were good but could have been a little better and the color were well done but cut where you`re going to have to sew into the picture; I would prefer they leave a little bit of a border around the color patches so sewing into the picture wasn`t mandatory, but that`s just me. I recommend them for their prices and catalog but keep in mind the long wait times and the average printed patches should you make a purchase.

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Hey man, do NOT stop here. Very shitty place, took 9 weeks for my stuff to arrive. The prices look good, but the patches are absolute shit!

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I shopped there, and got a fairly good Havok logo patch. That was worth my money. The two 4"x4" album patches I got are awful, though. They feel like they're printed on thin, dried rubber. They're barely even cut straight. Good prices for bad merchandise.


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