Lock N Shock

Fri, 22/06/2012 - 11:03
Lock N Shock is in the city of Montebello, southern California. It's a bit hidden but wow it's a gold mine for all things metal!! They do have a facebook, and it's very easy to contact them through there. And as for the price of their sutff, it's very reasonable. They sell shirts, patches (woven/embroidered) bullet belts, gauntlets, stickers, vinyls, and a ton of other cool metal-related things! The service there is pretty good, just an friendly metalhead guy running the store! So if you ever have a 20 laying around, go to Lock N Shock in Montebello!!



There alright wish they had cheaper stuff though! I go here all the time and spend a lot.

Yngwie Mangosteen

Please advise how to get to the website??
Th google lock n shock and it brought me to facebook..
I sign in but....

could someone please help thanks..


Dude, this is a physical store in the US and I don't think they have an online store.


I have been there my buddy polo owns and runs it . Store is awesome and works with you with purchases


ive been here once and it was pretty cool. pretty good merch. the last 3 times i tried going it was closed so i hsvent been sble to get anything from there :/


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