Entombed bootleg patch

Mon, 16/04/2012 - 08:19

I'm looking for old Slayer, Overkill and oldschool woven death metal patches

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Patch - Entombed bootleg patch



I want to get my hands on one of these \m/ Love it!


cool patch. I also have it on my vest (still under construction), but the yellow border is now black.


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Recent Comments

  • Not a huge fan of the back but full flames for Thy Serpent. Forests and Christcrusher are 90s classics.
  • Know anyone that has one of these to sell???
  • This room kills! I love it!
  • Timeless beauty!!!
  • You have an amazing cof collection!!!!! 3 tfd LS is incredible!!!!
  • Thanks, I like it a lot, no idea where it comes from though!, never seen another.
  • To me most dutch sounds like a drunk version of german :D And they pretty often use words that sound similar to some ger
  • simple killer white artwork will always grab my attention, nice shirt.
  • yeah i saw that =)
  • Fuck yeah, the Riff Lord himself! Kirk Windstein is one of my alltime favourite musicians!
  • really really nice shirt, artwork looks great on white
  • killer shirt, this band and this album doesn't get the recognition it deserves
  • really like this album alot, excellent longsleeve
  • The goat is always number one!!! :D \m/
  • Hahaha yeah totally xD
  • Yeah nothing beats original prints for sure! I rarely buy bootlegs but this one caught my eye and I really liked it :D

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