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Camel Vintage Patch

Wed, 27/11/2013 - 17:50

Really old and great Patch, would only trade it for one of my Wanted Patches -> see profile, otherwise this piece stays with me ;)

Not for sale or trade
Camel Vintage Patch

thrashing_death's picture

I really hope that Alex Headbanger guy bootlegs this one!

Speed or Bleed's picture

dude, he bootlegs patches who he can earn some big money, not possible with camel in my opinion, otherwise his quality is crap

alla2465's picture


weedian13's picture


the beast's picture

fake! Kamel wird mit "K" geschrieben! :D

Speed or Bleed's picture


quixotic's picture

"aber ich bin doch gar kein Kamel, ich bin ein Dromedar, ich hab doch nur einen Höcker..."

gloriousdeath's picture

awesome patch !!!!

VoodooChild's picture

Awesome patch. Though I don't like the taste of Camel :P moslty smoke Marlboro Reds, Natural American Spirits or Dunhill.
Would like an Marlboro patch.. I remember that I've seen them on eBay

ChlydeOfFire's picture

Camel has a great design, but agreed on Marlboro

ChlydeOfFire's picture


Thrashersky's picture

Great band, I love the Mirage album.

bad_american1992's picture

"Cuz im a nicotine addict, that's why, and I like to smoke Camel Wides!"
Very sick patch. I bought an embroidered one on eBay but this looks much cooler.

Satan's Finest's picture

:O Lovely!

TemplesBelovv's picture

Lak shu, dieser Patch Junge gut!

Tuber's picture

The best prog. rock album ever recorded! Probably..
I'd lick this every day, if this was mine.

Speed or Bleed's picture

Gave it away as Birthday present... ;)

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  • Awesome!! Nice painting man!
  • You should see how much money Moribund fucked Leviathan out of A LOT of money!
  • Are all of those Death patches vintage?
  • The tag is completely faded out.
  • Is there still a brand legible on the tag? Judging by the number of typos on this, I’d wager it’s parking lot.
  • Seemed like their MO :/ fuck that!!!
  • I think they fucked ~every band~ out of a lot of money
  • This shit is rad! What is it printed on?
  • I got it back late May from the megadeth merch store. Iirc they're sold out of this shirt.
  • Killer patch!!
  • Great collection, I had Survive patch too time ago but I traded it for the agent orange stripe!
  • Sure that you can get it soon or later!
  • Bolt thrower realm of chaos traded
  • Killer shirt man,
  • Thanks man!!
  • Pictures updated buddy.