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Repulsive Regurgitaion Zine #2

Wed, 26/08/2015 - 09:40

Repulsive Regurgitation Zine #2 August 2015 out now!!!

Featuring "Life?" artwork by Mark Sikora(with permissions) as zine cover..

1-Phoenix Militia Zine #7 1987 by Bill Steer
2-Andy Story
3-Bury Your Dead article
4-Recommendation Section (review)

Interview with:-
1- Josh Landes from Limbs Bin (USA)
2- Dylan Walker from Full of Hell (USA)
3- Hagamoto Tamocho from Patisserie (Japan)
4- Felch "Mike" Beast from Filth (Australia)
5- Blake Harrison from Hatebeak (USA)
6- Dom from Pan Del Muerte Records (USA)
7- Jacob, David & Deeno from Drowned (USA)
8- Makoto from Organs Tortured (Japan)
9- Pauly from Christ Crusher (Australia)
10- Ryan from Meth Leppard (Australia)
11- Harvs from Jackson Firebird (Australia)
12- Dopi from Bodybag (Spain)
13- Semih from Sakatat (Turkey)
14- Tomoaki from Catasexual Urge Motivation (Japan)
15- Susumu from Maggut (Japan)
16- Jocke from Entrails (Sweden)
17- NX5 from Active Stenosis (Greece)

Pro-printed colour cover in thick paper, A5 format and 86 pages.


We still have 2nd printing of Repulsive Regurgitation Zine #1 that come in 2 different artwork, Scum Of Earth(black edition) and Mondo Zombioro(white edition) for sale that contains 52 interview with:-

1. Bill Steer – Carcass, Firebird, The Gentlemens Pisto, Angel Witch, Napalm Death, Disattack
2. Carlo Regadas – Devoid, Carcass, Blackstar & Monstrance
3. Danny Pervert – Flatus, Cuntscrape, Maximum Perversion, The Slaughterhouse Five, Hated By Humanity & Die Scoundrels
4. Adde Birdmaster - Dethronement, Overdeth, Birdflesh, General Surgery, Jigsore Terror, Sayyadina & Entrails
5. Urban Skytt - Crematory(Swedish Creamatory!), Regurgitate, Crucifyre & Nasum
6. Akinob and Kiyonob - Gore Beyond Necropsy, Morbid Organs Mutilation, Repulturid Mangel, Noise A Go Go’s & Harshit Recs
7. Benny - Garbage Gut, Super Fun Happy Slide, Vaginal Carnage, Missinabit & Stamanech
8. Miffy No-remorse - Hell&Hell, Anal Viblator, Amber Vial, No-Remorse shop & Deep-Connect gig organizer
9. Chris Ginn - Egrogsid, Nowyourefucked, Vomitorial Corpulence & Screaming Seniors
10. Masa “Justice” Ichinose - DamageDigital & Carcass Grinder
11. Naru - C.S.S.o, Butcher ABC, run Galeria De Muerte shop & Obliteration Recs & Asakusa Extreme Fest organizer
12. Letek - Noise Not War Prods
13. Katz Seki – Hate Principal, Gorgonized Dorks, Humanextermination Project, None Of Your Fucking Business (N.O.Y.F.B) & Gothic Gospel Recs
14. Ola – Modorra & Plague Island Recs (Goryfied Prods)
15. Roby - Blastasfuk Recs, The Kill & Open Wound
16. Takaho - Deathpeed, Unholy Grave, GrindFreaks label, Grind Freaks & Grind Bastards fest organizer
17. Ucchy - Napalm Death Is Dead, Cunts, 94th6, AVA & Shit-Eye Cassettes label
18. Nils - Agathocles & G.I Joke
19. Witter Cheng - Decomposing Serenity, Viscera, Vomit Noise Prods & Decomposed Skate (SK8)
20. Andy Sandpaper – Pasztörözött & Extreme Hair Stench
21. Jordan Kraken - Crossed, Liberal Cock, Flower For Cops & GSR
22. Jill Girardi - Razorback Recs & Dead Beat Media label
23. Otto Beran – Long Beach Ice Dogs, Lycanthrophy, Malignant Tumour, Scorn Of Humanity, Needful Things & Psychocontrol Recs
24. Jimbo Tiram Bulldozer - Parkinson, Hellexist, Broken Noise Recs, Cronically Donut, Broken Vision & Jalan.Jatuh.Lari zine
25. Andy Koettel - Captain 3 Leg, Billy Crystal Meth, The Mighty Acceleratör , Big Fist Johnny & Mortville Recs
26. Matthew Widener – Cretin, Liberteer & Citizen
27. Dr.Fairbanks - The County Medical Examiners
28. Jodie Nevill – Mark “Warsore” Harvey girlfriend
29. Rahi Spike Tacos - Insect Warfare & War Master
30. Pawel Fatass – Fat Ass Recs
31. Ralph Ferrara - Iron Butter & Haunted Hotel Recs
32. Scott Carlson - Genocide, Repulsion, Cathedral, Death Breath & Septic Tank
33. Takafumi Matsubara - Congenital Hell, Guilty Connector, Mortalized, Hayaino Daisuki & Gridlink
34. Mamoru - Gore Beyond Necropsy, Noise A Go Go’s & Excreteass
35. Dennis – Goo
36. Hicham - Nuclearalcoholocaust Recs
37. Zarko Polo - Metempsychosis Zine
38. Jason PC - Blood Duster, The Ruiner & Goat Sound Studio
39. Rene Perez – Flesh Parade
40. Tee – Unholy Grave
41. Cyjan - Dead Infection, Evil Machine & Incarnated
42. Ro Han - Captain Cleanoff & Undinism
43. Albert Mudrian – Decibel Magazine & Choosing Death: The Improbable
History of Death Metal & Grindcore book
44. Lin - Brain Corrosion & Rottenpyosis Recs
45. Ian “Yan” Treacy – Benediction, Meathook Seed & Monstrance
46. Paul Cosopodiotis - Warsore & Faecal Fork
47. Rich “Caveman” Hoak - Brutal Truth, Exit-13, Total Fucking Destruction, Ninefinger, Peacemaker & Caveman
48. Shane Embury - Napalm Death, Lock Up, Antichrist, Brujeria, Unseen Terror, Azagthoth, Bent Sea, Blood From The Soul, Insidious Disease, Liquid Graveyard, Little Giant Drug, Malformed Earthborn, Meathook Seed, Menace, Venomous Concept, War Of The Second Dragon, Warhammer & FETO records
49. Jan - Agathocles, Jan AG And The Gajna & Fahrenheit AGX
50. Curby – Obscene Prods & Obscene Extreme Fest organizer
51. Terje & Kalle - Arsedestroyer
52. Samantha - Mortuary Hacking Session



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Repulsive Regurgitaion Zine #2
Repulsive Regurgitaion Zine #2
Repulsive Regurgitaion Zine #2

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