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Lvl 15 Scissors of Satan

Wed, 01/07/2020 - 11:49

About a week or two ago, I looked at a pair of old scissors I had bought from the college supply shop that i was attending to about 15 some odd years ago (approximately, hence the "level 15" in the title,) and I noticed they sported the number of the beast (at least in the New Testament, old Testament is 616,) and I smirked...

I haven't used or seen these things (or payed much attention to their markings) in well over a decade and I had stored them long ago in my portable isle which I unearthed from my storage crate late last year; pretty sure I bought them exclusively for it too so it would have any and all necessary tools within it. So, they've been floating around in the bedroom for several months now, and when fucking around with them I realized they bore the infamous 666 numerals. Yea xD

'How did I not catch this so long ago? Or did I realize it back then and forget? (I did huff a lot of grass between then and now, but still...) Furthermore, did the people in the Marketing department notice this? Was it intentional? Did ANYONE CARE?? Did ANY other student notice this an bring it to some else's attention?? Ohhh the things I wish I could show George Carlin... Maybe if I show them to either Ihsahn or Kerry King they'll smirk too.

Granted, this is neither band related or dealing with any kind of memorabilia one way or another, but considering all things, I think it fits in quite well here.

SO!! BEHOLD YE MORTALS, CAST YON EYES UPON THYNE SCISSORS OF S-A-T-A-N!!! (please exit to your left. No refunds...)

Not for sale or trade
Lvl 15 Scissors of Satan
Lvl 15 Scissors of Satan
Lvl 15 Scissors of Satan

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