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Sodom VS Kreator

Sat, 03/12/2022 - 10:07

Two awesome legends in German Thrash Metal!

Which of these two titans is your favorite, and why?

andermatten's picture


Although, admittedly, my brief 'Thrash period' (Metallica, Slayer) did not last very long before discovering Death/Grind (and by the time I first heard Kreator I found it boring, like little boys do before they're mature enough to appreciate the myriad genres that music has to offer), I still vaguely but very fondly remember Agent Orange playing on cassette somewhere, I think at a friend's house.

David Dynamite's picture

Sodom of course !

no karate in pit's picture


Matthew Hopkins's picture

Sodom with no doubt.

samson's picture

i prefer kreator!

samson's picture

although out of the 4 teutonic thrash bands, tankard is my absolute favorite!!

Thane's picture

Both tbh
But if I absolutely had to choose, Sodom.

oldmate's picture

for me its Kreator, but I have also never seen Sodom live

no karate in pit's picture

on second thought kreator

Tina Taem 22's picture

I choose Both Sodom And Kreator because i have their Albums. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Kofuv6's picture


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Pascal1976's picture

They both had some very good albums imo. Although I really can’t stand to listen to any of the later Kreator albums. I despise the vocals on them. I absolutely loved Extreme Aggression and Coma of Souls. Fantastic albums. Sodom really thrived on Persecution Mania and Agent Orange. I do love the more recent stuff from them as well. So I think Sodom beats Kreator for me

ViolenceAndForce's picture

Kreadom lol

joecubbie's picture

Sodom and it's no contest. Whereas Kreator wimped out and have been releasing the same tired modern thrash album for the past 20+ years, Sodom never lost their edge, in recent years even returning to their blackened roots. I can't wait for their next album!

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invisible-horizons's picture

Sodom beats anything Kreator put out post-Cause for Conflict. From 84-95, they’re on the same level. For those who say that Coma of Souls is the only good (or last good) Kreator album that was put out in the 90’s have probably never given an honest listen to Renewal or Cause for Conflict. Joe Cangelosi, who played drums in Whiplash and had a very brief stint with Massacre, also played on Cause for Conflict. His playing is amazing on this album. If I had to choose though, Renewal is a much better offering. But if you put that against Tapping the Vein, well, we all know who’d win that fight.

Sodom wins overall, but the sheer thrash attack of Kreator of those first ten years (or five years, if you want to be really precise) cannot be denied.

Fuck this politically correct, safe, arch enemy-worship, anthemic, watered down version of Kreator that we get today. Time for a new guitarist. Maybe Frank Blackfire can join again one day.

The only album I like with Sami from start to finish is Violent Revolution and maybe a handful of tracks off of Enemy of God. After Enemy of God, I completely lost interest because of reasons listed above.


Actually,after listening to it just now, Violent Revolution is just okay. Beginning of the the modern era of the band.

Wodos for the win!

I can’t wait to see them for my first time at the Hell’s Heroes Festival!

Darklord's picture

Sodom seems to still be relevant whereas Kreator seems to be rehashing their heyday.

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Sodom all the way, Persecution Mania!

absolutedefiance138's picture

Even if Sodom wasn't the greatest thrash band of all time I never cared much for Kreator. Sorry guys

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