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Shrinking a denim jacket...

Fri, 24/07/2015 - 04:33

So I bought a nice vintage Levi's jacket at a vintage store for a good price and when I try wearing it. it was TOO big (size XL). I don't like spending on another one and I don't like selling it, so if anyone try or did shrinking on a vest give me some advice or something. I usually wore Medium - Large


MonoWhisper763's picture

Try the dry cleaners, my vest shrunk slightly..

doomtilldeath's picture

A tailor could re-size it for you but I guess it would be kinda expensive.
If you can sew, you can ofc do it yourself. You can easily find many tutorials online.

Kastelan's picture

If it still has sleeves, it might be a bit complicated, although not so much work. A tailor could easily rip open the stitches and sew it back just a little bit tighter. If you cut off the sleeves, just take some safety pins or sew it tighter without cutting.
One more option is to cut it open on the sides and make holes so that you can adjust the width.

slayerslayer's picture

speak to papua new guniea, or borneo members , head shrinkers, maybe jacket shrinkers too?

overkill386's picture

try leaving it in hot water . i did that but the jacket shrunk lightly, barely to my fit since i had the same issue as you :/

GoreGrinder666's picture

Have you found a way to take it in?

Samppa666's picture

I havent tried this on a denim jacket but:
washing machine + hot water + max rpm spinning cycle
After washing chuck it in the dryer and set it to super dry.

The backlash of those methods are that the colour could look sort of bleached / the size could get too tight.

The better way to re-size a jacket is diy sewing.
If this jacket is special and sewing is not a familiar craft; get a shitty jacket from a fleamarket, find sewing instructions from the internet and see what happens.

MorticiA's picture

If you don't mind effort, you can always modify the jacket. I've actually had to increase the length of mine by 5in; and a whole lot more in terms of additional modifications (and I MEAN EXTENSIVE.) It may be easier to reduce the size because you can always fold the fabric over, pin it, then sew it in place. There's always the option of ripping out the appropriate seams and then re-sewing, but trust me, it takes time, loads of measurements, then sewing it all in place; and if you don't have a sewing machine it can take quite a bit of time (though the results are really nice.) On the upside, the fabric will be pressed into shape (parts of it at least) when it was manufactured which can make things easier. Overall, it's a chunk of work, but the pay off is big.

If I may ask, where is it too big?

Fatfreddie's picture

Just put it into the hottest wash your washine machine will do,and then spin dry it,and then most importantly,dry it on the longest and hottest cycle your dryer will do,then if it is still at all damp after that keep putting it back in and hot dry and hot dry again until bone dry.

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