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Drawing/Painting on leather with stanzas?

Into Glory Ride
Wed, 15/02/2023 - 19:07

Guys and gals,
as suggested in the title I want to paint on leather. But since I absolutely suck at freehand drawing, I came up with an idea, being the clever guy I am:

It's a rather simple motif (Logo plus symbol. If you know me the slightest you might guess what it will be), so the idea was to get both printed out on rather stiff cardboard, lay them on the fabric and draw them like that and later fill them with acrylic colors.

Anybody has any experience with this? My biggest "fear" is that I of course have to do every single letter on its own and that they might look crooked or shifted. Not in one line, which would suck. The symbol it self would be a puzzle for sure, doing every little part individually.

For it not to slip I thought about fixing it with adhesive tape but I don't know if it damages the leather.

Helpful advice is very much appreciated!
As quick as possible, since I wanna get it done 'til saturday (and do think this is very much possible)

Death to false Metal

bad_american1992's picture

One common trick people do for painting murals, for example, is the get a small projector (available at most art stores in the USA, I'm guessing Europe would be similar) and then projecting the image onto the item you are trying to paint. Then you go ahead and outline everything, turn the projector off, and start filling the shapes in piece by piece. Check out Youtube for tutorials on this method, it may be easier for a non-artist. No offense of course.

Into Glory Ride's picture

hahaha, none taken, since it's true
Thanks for your quick answer, that is actually pretty cool for the future and I'll definitely keep an eye on it, but for now it's very likely too short-term.
Maybe there is a way to use the phone as a projector, after all everything is possible these days...

MC Sauerkraut's picture

Is it Manowar?;)
I guess, if i understand it right, this could be a good way to go, since you got a defined template.


Into Glory Ride's picture

That could very well be true. ;)

Fuck me, that's brilliant and actually kind of embarrassing, not to have come up with it alone. This might actually work, when you cut it like a square and then cut the individual letters.
A bit more tricky for the hammer, but still doable I think.

Thanks, man

MC Sauerkraut's picture

Guess its a secret present;)
You´re welcome, i mean i just linked anathor guys work. Have fun at crafting and let us know how the result worked out, cause i also want to make some patches this way in the future.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Update: for DIY Punk patches this might work but it's not very clean unfortunately. Might find another solution.

kimo's picture

There's a product called Saral transfer paper (Use the white colour) that I've used for all all my jackets. You can just enlarge the logo / image you want to transfer to the desired size. Tape the top of the copy onto your jacket in the desired position, slide the transfer paper between copy and jacket and then using a ball point pen, draw around the outline of the image and it will transfer it to the jacket. I used it on this Motorhead jacket...https://tshirtslayer.com/battle-jacket/motorhead-jacket-progress.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Now that sounds interesting, though I don't see yet how it can actually transfer the painting.
I'll have a look at the art supplies in my city, thanks man. The main problem with the stencil method so far was that the colors are bleeding outside the borders and it looks not very clean.

Killer job by the way!

Edit: Now I got it, it's basically not much different from the method that was used to make copies of transfer forms for banks a few years ago. That might actually work, plus my design is not nearly as complicated as Snaggletooth

Also this opens quite a bit of opportunities for the future, with more complex and filigrane designs

kimo's picture

Yes, its similar to the old transfer papers used in banks and offices years ago except this paper is chalk coated on one side. So you're basically creating a chalk line wherever you draw over it with a pen. Cleans off easily and won't damage your jacket in any way.
And yeah, stencils will always bleed around the edges, especially if it's not a completely flat surface.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Learning a lot here and feeling I come closer to my goal.
Since you used acrylic paint on your Jacket: Would you generally recommend this over pens? So far I just tried Acrylic pens.

kimo's picture

I've always used fabric paint on my jackets. Never tried Acrylic pens myself, but it may be the way to go, especially if you're not real confident with your painting skills. It's a lot easier to draw over the outline that it is to paint.
If you do decide to use paint, just thin it down a bit with water so it flows of the brush really smooth. You may have to do a couple of coats this way, but you will get much neater lines than using really thick paint.

spidertrooper's picture


kimo's picture

Not the same paper . This is like old style carbon paper. You have to draw over the design to transfer it.

spidertrooper's picture

old style carbon paper ? i try once do that with one carbon paper white , first tempting and i rip off the paper with the pen

Into Glory Ride's picture

Unfortunately they only had yellow and I thought I'd give it a shot
Doesn't work the slightest, fucking frustrating.

kimo's picture

Yes the red and yellow are made for transfering to ceramics and glass I believe. They are slightly different to the white which is chalk based.

bad_american1992's picture

That is really cool... great trick from our resident master of customization! I may have to find some and give it a try!

Samppa666's picture

I dont have a photo of the finished project as it has been covered with patches but:
When my vest was still a jacket i painted the Type O "Express yourself" artwork on the back of it. I basically made a stencil out of contact plastic.
I printed the artwork on an A4 paper and set contact plastic over it, then used a exacto knife to cut the artwork to the contact plastic, took the A4 off and set the contact plastic to my jacket and painted. The contact plastic would prolly work very well on leather as it would stick to it better than on a denim jacket.

You can also print the artwork on a A4 transparecy film, cut it, use some tape to attach it to your jacket and paint.

I dont know if contact plastic is the correct term but as kids we used it to cover our school books with it: https://youtu.be/OuS6w8I6eHg

Into Glory Ride's picture

Nice, that seems to be the 2.0.-version of the technique Mr. Sauerkraut showed.

I'll go for white Saral tomorrow (driving 40 minutes one ride, this project starts to require quite some dedication) and see where I can go from there. Meanwhile the front is already done.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Worked absolutely fantastic. Will post the finished result later.

Into Glory Ride's picture

And here is the final result in all its shining glory.
Not perfectly satisfied as I fucked it up in a few parts, but for a first DIY I really don't fucking care.

Appreciation to all who helped!

Full vest here:

Sportymdim's picture

It's like discovering a hidden side of your favorite childhood memories. I agree with the sentiment that the debate seems a tad intense – I mean, we're talking about Pokémon here! Personally, I lean towards appreciating the artist's original intent, but hey, to each their own. And can we talk about the personalised word art? Nostalgia overload! Also, shoutout to Nintendo Power guides for those quirky '90s errors – classic. Exciting to dive into discussions like these. Anyways, on a somewhat related note, ever tried personalized word art prints at https://wordartprints.com/? They add such a unique touch to spaces.

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