Jacket II (Jill)

Mon, 11/06/2018 - 04:33

Jacket "Model Jill"

- Some sort of Korean brand military style jacket
- Promoted to my only jacket when I left "Old Mayhem" on a trolley
-Anorexia Nervosa patch ripped open during Inquisition's SD show
-Celtic Frost (To mega Therion) Dimmu (In Sorte Diaboli), and Obscurcis Romancia are Official Patches

Not for sale or trade


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Recent Comments

  • It was a blast !! Maiden never disappointing !
  • Altough I think this LS is pretty great a white LS version will be amazing
  • I'm in love with this design, I hope one day i will be able to see Godflesh live
  • They have released an interesting record this year
  • Indeed, mate, indeed. ;)
  • Yeah, go for it. :) Thanx for the flames!
  • ill check this out!
  • cool fucking art!
  • no way!!! how did i miss this?!?!?!
  • interesting ... very interesting
  • Testament зачётно выглядит, где откопал такой?
  • Yes!!!
  • Ayyyyy nice to see Yugen on another vest.
  • No flames? Shame!!
  • I've heard this glows in the dark?
  • Habe dir auf Facebook geantwortet :)


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