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Mayhem Further progress of the Kutte

Peter Hagendorf
Tue, 18/07/2023 - 22:02

Some slight changes again

Not for sale or trade
Mayhem Further progress of the Kutte

Nine Turning Mirrors's picture

Brutal! Especially the Merciless BP.
But I think the be few red and orange patches could use a rework, to make the whole vest more symmetrical and pleasant to the eye.

Bochilis's picture

It is symmetrical plus there’s not much you can do with those patches since they’re 2 of the 3 colored ones. Crooked patches could be fixed though.

Nine Turning Mirrors's picture

I really don't care for the crooked patches, I sometimes like to make mine crooked aswell. But we obviously have different ideas of symmetry.
I'm counting six colored patches (Poison, Kreator, Mayhem, Celtic Frost, Gallower, Blackevil). I would try to pair them (Kreator and Gallower are more orange than really red, Poison an Celtic Frost have both red logos, Mayhem and Blackevil are overall more red) and put each pair on opposite sides of the backpatch but at the same hight. For example Kreator stays where it is, but the Gallower patch takes the places of the Poison one. Blackevil is swapped with Urgehal and the Poison patch takes the place of the Witch Blade one.

Peter Hagendorf's picture

Quite interesting what different approaches people have concerning the layout of a vest. I'm from a time where you were happy about any patch you got from a band you liked and you immediately sew it on no matter what color or shape it had. You normally didn't had the money or opportunity to get ahold of great patches.
When I started to do this vest I didn't think of a specific layout or symmetry of the patches. I was just thrilled by doing a vest again after 25+ years. Now I'm thinking of doing a new vest where I will first collect more patches and specify a layout beforehand but I'm not quite sure if I will really do this. But it's great to see so many awesome patches and vests today. Back then you only had your pals or ppl at concerts to compare your vest with.

Nine Turning Mirrors's picture

I understand that you're collecting patches over a long period of time, and not collect them all ahead of making a vest. But with certain patches you just might want to redo a certain part of your vest. It's not like you can't take down any of the patches you've sewn on so far. It's it's off course a lot of effort, but in the end it's worth it, IMO.

In the end you do you. If you like your creation and you're happy with it, that's all that matters!
I was just trying to give constructive criticism.

Peter Hagendorf's picture

No offense, didn't got that wrong at all. I would rearrange parts of the vest and already did, but I was dumb enough to glue the first patches on to make the sewing easier and that in hindsight was quite stupid as it either rips the vest or the patches apart. I think I will do another one, just have to hide it from my wife unless I don't want her to think I'm totally crazy now to do multiple vests.

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