The Clairvoyant's blue battle jacket AUGUST '17

The Clairvoyant
Mon, 07/08/2017 - 13:31

New for Bloodstock Open Air festival 2017 (August 2017).

Swapped Metallica 'Sad But True' patch on collar for Kreator logo patch
Swapped Anthrax 'Among the Living' patch on front right for Battle Beast patch
Swapped Kreator 'Phantom Antichrist' album cover patch on left breast for Kreator 'Gods of Violence' album cover patch
Swapped Iron Maiden 'Dot Com Eddie' circle patch under left armpit for CroBar, London circle patch
Swapped Trivium logo strip patch on rear right for Edguy logo patch

The 'Phantom Antichrist' / 'Gods of Violence' swap was more of a pain than it should have been - and the reason I've put it off until now - thanks to it being sewn over multiple seams AND the zip pocket I've added to the inside being in the way AND the various overlapping patches. But it's done now and I'm much happier with it. I wasn't content with having 2 Kreator patches from the same album (the 'PA' cover and the 'Terror Will Prevail' patch on the rear right) and I actually prefer the 'GoV' artwork anyway. Win win.

My having a fifth Metallica patch in the same area as the first four album covers (top rear / collar in this case) now seemed clumsy too. The Kreator logo patch fitted perfectly, another win. I swapped the Trivium logo for an Edguy logo for much the same reason (as well as diversifying) - I'd mistakenly placed two Trivium logos very close to each other, which, again, was just a bit clumsy.

Swapping Anthrax for Battle Beast was simply because the latter fitted in its place perfectly.

Finally, although you can never have too much Maiden on a jacket, I decided to move my CroBar patch from my black jacket onto this one because it's my main jacket and it's nice to show some support!

Comments welcome. \m/

Not for sale or trade


Left Hand Patch

Phwoar! Not my taste in music but lovely vest all the same.

The Clairvoyant



\m/ looks awesome \m/

The Clairvoyant



5 flames alone for zip pockets. People will never know how handy zipper pockets come when going to shows

The Clairvoyant

Agreed. I learnt that and modified my jacket accordingly. It's essential I think; I'm surprised more don't do it...

Thanks for the flames!


Wicked as hell update man!

Planning to get some zips for my inside pockets too, Handy as hell for putting shirts, CDs, patches etc in!!

The Clairvoyant


And I can't recommend adding zip pockets enough - SERIOUSLY useful at shows. I've added velcro onto the standard internal pockets too so things like CDs or whatever can't fall out.


Most welcome.

For sure man, I've got a roll of Velcro...might try that first.

John Christ

Never saw that BP before, really cool!

The Clairvoyant


My BP is an original one from 1988. I sought it out after I had my back tattoo finished. ;-)


One of The nicest vests i habe ever seen. Great!


Would give 6 flames, if possible.

The Clairvoyant

Wow, too kind, thanks!

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  • Whoa, That Graveland BP kicks ass!!! Great taste.
  • Brutal dedication!!! Could you pick your favourite album?
  • Damn rubber patches look epic!!! Nice taste mate.
  • Wicked as fuck taste, Where did you get the Hate Forest patch?
  • Epic as hell update, Turned out great \m/
  • Ahhh so amazing, Wish I could've been at this gig...Was with Cathedral for their farewell tour
  • Bad ass, To small for me though!!
  • Five flames for five very amazing bands!! Still pinching myself that I seen Arcturus this year!
  • absolutely the hoodie ive been looking for... wish it was for sale..
  • Can't wait to see how it all turns out!
  • Love it!!! Great LS. Wish I had this!!!!
  • Simply awesome! added to my favorites
  • You're right man, using machine will damage the patches, and it's cheating hahaha
  • love it!
  • Freaking work. Really awesome
  • The coolest part is when the real blood descends on


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