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Mon, 12/02/2018 - 00:47

Recent updates to my Black Metal battle vest. I removed the cross and replaced it with Lucifer sigil. And also I added two Othala runes.

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  • Pics Updated!
  • Racist*
  • \,,/
  • I guess so. Don’t be got butt hurt lady.
  • I’m not sure. They played on the 70k cruise back in 2014, that’s where I got it.
  • Thanks cheers \,,/
  • Hey, nah, I haven't heard anything except that he already had surgery months back.
  • Love this patch, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with mine lol.
  • That boy is fukked!!! Killer longsleeve!
  • That sucks! Sounds like your typical security guard around here.
  • I can get that aha. It’s number one on my want list!
  • Whoa never seen this one! Know where I could get one?
  • This is a cool one! I really like the front
  • Completely sikk!!!
  • I had actually never heard of Trancelike void until you posted this shirt up.I went n listened to a few of their songs.a
  • hanged rapist?
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