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Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark!

Thu, 19/01/2023 - 01:01

Only three or maybe four bands here! I love the simplicity of this one! finally have the full arsenal!

Not for sale or trade
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark!
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark!
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark!

fauzan big's picture

Awesome simply vest!! also I really love the last pict

YURIAN_MARDAK_'s picture

Thanks mate! your jackets are amazing too!

bad_american1992's picture

Keeping it minimal with this one! Very nice patch selection and great family photo at the end of all your jackets \m/

YURIAN_MARDAK_'s picture

That's how it will stay mate! the new member of the family!

no_teleology's picture

Nice collection of vests! Great taste

YURIAN_MARDAK_'s picture

Thanks man! Cheers!

Deathtattooguy's picture

Love the one on the right with the Priest logo on the proper way

no karate in pit's picture

yeah that judas priest one looks awesome

YURIAN_MARDAK_'s picture

Thanks mate!

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Buen chaleco,simple y efectivo!!

YURIAN_MARDAK_'s picture

Gracias! \m/

DimebagDarrell38's picture

That is one of the best vests i have ever seen, that is also the look that i am going for, i just need to get my hands on a tormentor seventh day of doom patch and it's finished 😁💪🏻

YURIAN_MARDAK_'s picture

thanks man! I appreciate your comment and I hope you find it soon!

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  • So cool man! I love it!
  • Crazy cool!!!!
  • Vintage Coil shirts are rare, yes, this one was produced in very few copies and sold by the band.
  • Thanks mate!
  • It looks perfect! What size is it.
  • Hi! I need this patch, I prefer trade it for one of my patches, let me know!
  • Hi! I need this patch, i prefer trade it for one of my patches, let me know!
  • very nice shirt from a fantastic group, but why is it framed? I mean.. is it particularly rare? I don't know
  • Indeed, I thought it would be a bit smaller, so I can’t use it at the moment.
  • Pretty cool 👀
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