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"Allied forces of rock'n'roll" battle-jacket [Updated 3 May 2016: Mk. V]

Tue, 03/05/2016 - 19:26

[UPDATE May 3rd 2016: Mk. V] Front has been widely agremented with new patches and badges, black braids (upper right), and blue jean patches on the pockets.
[UPDATE Nov. 15 2014: Mk. IV] Brand new Blue Öyster Cult logo (after the one of "On Your Feet On Your Knees", 1975) painted on the shoulders, above the backpatch, by one of my best friends as a birthday present. My opinion? It kicks some serious arse. She added yellow touches for it to get harmonised with the backpatch colours. The front is being rearranged a bit - pictures of the final thing coming soon.
Here's an upload of my battle-jacket at last... It's actually the Mk. III of it. Here we go:
It's an ASOS long-sleeve jean jacket (2012 I think), in a chemically-faded black. The sleeves have been removed as well as the collar, which has been cut to +/- 2/3 of its original size, and reset above a riveted mail collar base (I'll come back to that). The jacket has been shortened in length: I've removed the bottom band, sewn a custom one and added the strap for the bottom button. The jacket has been adjusted a bit to my build on the side seams too.
The BP is custom-made from a contemporary bootleg shirt which has been stiffened with a hot-melt base. The GYJ Army patch is for Graveyard Johnnys, a British punkabilly band. Batmobile is a legendary Dutch neo-rockabilly / psychobilly band. Chimay is the mythical Belgian beer, my absolute fav'. I'm still looking for a few patches/badges, so I might add / rearrange patches a bit, but not too much - it'll pretty much stay this airy [Update May 2016: well it got a bit more dense than expected in the end!].
It's a replica of XVth century mail / maille, in soft steel. It's been made by a gifted craftsmen from the USA years ago, who's not active anymore, and partly reassembled by me. It's a wink to my Medievalist background / former career, and former Living History activities. The collar piece is a direct reference to the "hausse-col" which was frequent in XVth century armour, and I thought that the front mail patch looked good - it also symbolically protects the heart. Plus mail is steel, and steel is metal, right? ;)

Not for sale or trade
"Allied forces of rock'n'roll" battle-jacket [Updated 3 May 2016: Mk. V]
"Allied forces of rock'n'roll" battle-jacket [Updated 3 May 2016: Mk. V]
"Allied forces of rock'n'roll" battle-jacket [Updated 3 May 2016: Mk. V]
"Allied forces of rock'n'roll" battle-jacket [Updated 3 May 2016: Mk. V]
"Allied forces of rock'n'roll" battle-jacket [Updated 3 May 2016: Mk. V]
"Allied forces of rock'n'roll" battle-jacket [Updated 3 May 2016: Mk. V]

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