venom / metallica - shirt

Sun, 10/06/2018 - 17:20

one of my very first shirts - always wore with pride, when my size was M instead of XL

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  • Thanks Mr. MasterDeath! The past is help!
  • Thanks MT7!
  • Great cassettes!
  • I didn't know that existed an original Amazing
  • Super hyper rare good old days from adipocere distribution list
  • I never got into this band but there's a song by one of their members, Meg Lee Chin, called Nutopia that always cra
  • Love that LS.. One of their best imo
  • Great music!
  • You all right!
  • The rest of TSS has just been cancelled.
  • и антракс там же, только порезал по уебански
  • по рукам ходил в питерской тусовке) потом взял у гитариста Morbital
  • One of my faves. Painting on the back is so gorgeous, wish I knew who did it.
  • Awesome album!
  • Awesome, oldschool stile !
  • Great choice new wave hookers ! A favourite !


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