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Mon, 20/03/2017 - 11:31


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Picture LP
Picture LP



That is one awesome vinyl catch!

Into Glory Ride





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  • Cool, looks like Albert Bierstadt had painted this
  • Perfect !
  • Probably one of the best shows I've seen. Also doesn't help that they've got a really common and simple w
  • I was too late to pick this one up sadly. Too bad, it looks like a sweet edition.
  • Ah, I missed out on this one. Too bad, it was a pretty cool little EP.
  • In Bologna, northern Italy, the biggest record fair in Italy
  • The couple rehearsal tracks sound quite primitive, the FAOD rough mix part sounds decent :D
  • Nice. But it's a bit overkill with that many Nokturnal Mortum patches. I love that Dødheimsgard patch.
  • how does it sounds? and how is the music itself? waiting for the same one in the delivery(
  • wonderful shirt!
  • Same! I need one.
  • Great shirt man
  • I'd love to get my hands on one of these if they are still available please let me know.
  • Got this one as well. I thought I had lost it until I found it in an old backpack some years ago.
  • Killer collection!


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