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Bolt Thrower Logo Pin Original

Fri, 14/06/2024 - 12:05

Sell one of my old original Bolt Thrower Pins from Pagan England

Not for sale or trade

Year: 1992
Bolt Thrower Logo Pin Original
Bolt Thrower Logo Pin Original

Regentraum's picture


Locke's picture

Feel free and make me a offer if you want. 😉

PinJunky's picture

Pretty sure this is a boot. I have the same one with the exact same scratches.

Locke's picture

Your wrong. Owen it nearly 13 years and buyed it in a shop togheter with a lot of old original Alchemy /poker Pins/Necklace. If you are interested to make me a offer feel free.


PinJunky's picture

Check the one on my profile. It's identical to yours. Unless it was produced with the same scratches. And it's a Pagan brand not Alchemy.

Locke's picture

There is not always a Pagan England at the Backside from the old pin. Some have only a C. And mine you can read England. But not so clearly.

I owend over the yaers diffrent original Bolt Thrower Logo pins. I'm pretty sure on my vest is a diffrent old Bolt Thrower Pin (with the C. Pagan England) too.

PinJunky's picture

I've collected both Alchemy and Pagan brand for the past 20yrs. I have a pretty good idea what I'm talking about. I got mine from the guy who made the boot. It's identical to yours. Do with that what you will.

RottingChris's picture

PinJunky is right.
What you are selling is a bootleg.
I once owned the original and the stamp was very clear and its color was more grey!

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