Overkill - Birth of Tension Patch

Sun, 15/04/2018 - 13:05

Very sweet Over Kill - Birth of Tension patch I received from Patito here on TSS! Thanks a lot friend, this is my all time favorite patch right now!

Not for sale or trade
Overkill - Birth of Tension Patch
Overkill - Birth of Tension Patch

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  • I agree
  • Thanks. I did my very best ✌
  • Amazing! Never seen one before.
  • me too. Played hundred of hours all stalker series \m/ try autumn aurora 2 mod. Fucking awsome.
  • some soldiers patrolling around, but they don't care :) maybe I don't look like terrorist :)
  • Love that Dismember square.... so cool!
  • Thanks duder!
  • I have one of these but I'm pretty sure mine is a bootleg.
  • Priest,. Blue Poster, Rainbow, Helloween, Kiss on hold!
  • Unfortunately not. But from numerous live audio & video recordings, you can hear how much they matured musically.
  • Amazing
  • Bad ass dude! How was security around the place, any guards?
  • This is amazing Where did you get it?
  • Thanks! Did you catch this tour?
  • Very cool! I assume these are hard to come by.
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