Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy patch

MachfiveWed, 05/12/2018 - 02:02

Official patch.

Not for sale or trade

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Recent Comments

  • Wow! great version, super strong colors! bigger looking demon, comes out great!
  • Full Flames! Great Dimmu Collection! ...
  • Yeah mate this is very rare indeed hehe, thanks
  • Poison slays!
  • Are these still available? The blue border one is super sick!
  • Wasnt super into that one last time I heard it but then again it’s been a few years. Il try it out again!
  • Would you consider selling this one?
  • That would look killer.
  • Thanks man, I’m after that circle too, and basically anything else they’ve ever released...
  • Cool "Onward To The Pits" patch. I've been looking for the circle version.
  • Nope, I bought it from a website called "Unholy Patches". Unfortunately it was the last one.
  • I know, right? Thanks!
  • Where did you get this at?
  • Incredible band
  • Holy fuck!
  • With an iron fist!


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