Darkthrone guitar picks

LilithabendsternThu, 10/01/2019 - 14:32

Limited edition collection of 10 guitar picks in a tin.

Not for sale or trade

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Recent Comments

  • Fukking sikk
  • Can't go wrong with S/T Bathory! Looks good.
  • Looks bad ass. Loving the Poison patch shaped.
  • Killer taste!!! Bet there would be some fun stories to go with this.
  • Ugh, fucking love Grimly Reborn.
  • Wish this was my size...
  • Damn that looks good on vinyl.
  • Wicked album and band.
  • Most welcome bro. Ever seen them live?
  • Damn! Don't we all haha.
  • just sit there!
  • 6 black border left!
  • exactly my thoughts :D thats why i bought this one: https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/wizo-bring-dich-um-si
  • Killer
  • great!!!!
  • Incredible!!!! New favourite long sleeve jacket on here


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