Embroidered patches?

Tue, 14/03/2017 - 15:30

Is there anywhere I can go to get a single embroidered patch made? I'm looking at doing the logo for a artist I love but don't wanna pay for a lot then have to try and resell them. Also don't want a printed patch either. I want a patch that looks nice. Anyways any ideas?


Go find a local embroidery shop, they could probably help you out.


DIY. It's fun.


turkeyman here on tshirtslayer. Calls himself UKRpatcher too. Makes great small and big patches. Got some of his on my vest.


Ok cool I'll look into that


I don't know where you live man. But we have shopping malls here in Seattle Wa. that have those little embroidery booths inside that are run by philipean folk that will embroider anything.

satan's radish

We don't have a surplus of far east immigrants here in Alabama. I doubt many places outside of the west coast have anything like that. I wish we did. Sounds like you've got a good thing going there. Gotta get in on the Filipino mall embroidery kiosk racket.


Lol!! Just a thought, I took the kid to the mall few months back just noticed them all over the place.


UKRPATCHER on Facebook aka Turkeyman on here!! Best place ever guarantee

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