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Comic book fans around here?

From the tomb
Tue, 28/11/2023 - 13:52

My personal taste, Judge Dredd, The Punisher, Marshall Law, Conan the barbarian and all the classic horror stuff from EC comics, Warren publishing, Skywald, DC and Marvel. Not interested in modern comics, so lame, old school comics rules supreme! What's you're favourite?

Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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oldmate's picture

I do like Hulk, Star Trek, Rick and Morty and any Predator comics

From the tomb's picture

I remember some great Predator conics from Dark Horse. Checked for curiosity the last Predator/Wolverine serie, issue 1 is not so bad, specially love the variant covers. Confrontations against Batman or Dredd are also cool. :))

bad_american1992's picture

Anything by Garth Ennis was always my go too. Preacher, The Boys, War Stories, all great stuff. I used to bring those to high school and show of the most depraved and goriest pages to my classmates. "The Incal" by Jodorowsk / Mobius is a fantastic graphic novel as well.

From the tomb's picture

Garth Ennis oh yeah, love his Punisher, so brutal and absurd sometimes, Steve Dillon art was great. Depraved and goriest pages, great hehe:))

bad_american1992's picture

Ahh Punisher is one of his I never had a chance to read. But yes him + Steve Dillon = total insanity hahahah. I can only imagine some of the behind the scenes conversations that took place between those two.

Mastercutor's picture

oldmate: I tried that Rick & Morty: D&D crossover. I didn't manage to get into it. Did you read any of those?

I'd add Top Cow Productions. Introduced to me by the series "The Darkness".
You may want to check out some of their other series: A Man Among Ye, Death Vigil, The Tithe, Think Tank and Postal. The series called "Sunstone" is well liked by many, supposedly with low-key metal themes with no particular references, but I haven't tried it, yet.

And I'm into weapons and crime oriented manga, akin' to over the top feeling, like Jormungand and Black Lagoon. Anyone care to recommend similar stuff?

Besides all that, I'm slowly chewing through BRZRKR (Keanu Reeves comic book series), ZOM 100 - Bucket List of the Dead and Tank Girl (Dark Horse has already been mentioned here).

no karate in pit's picture

the iron maiden comic books were pretty banger and the old waynes world ones from the 90s

Corniant's picture

It's fantastic to find another enthusiast of classic comics! I couldn't agree more about the appeal of old-school comics. There's a unique charm in the way they tell stories and the artistry that went into creating them.
As for exploring different realms, have you ever considered delving into the Game of Thrones books? They offer a captivating fantasy world with intricate characters and plots. You can explore more about them at https://bookwormera.com/game-of-thrones-books/.
It's always a pleasure to connect with someone who appreciates the classics. They truly rule supreme!

From the tomb's picture

Yes absolutely! :)))
The artists back in the day were so talented, for example in magazines such as Creepy, Eerie, Savage Sword of Conan... pure black and white madness.

Dan's picture

Preacher (FUCK THE SERIES they made the comic is superb), Transmetropolitan, Chronicles of Wormwood, Locke and Key (again fuck the hollywood rip off shite series), the Pro, Basket full of heads.

andermatten's picture

I like flemish/french comics: dupuis, standaard or casterman mostly

MorticiA's picture

I recently got back into collecting Comics again and have been collecting them for a variety of reasons, 1: I don't have to pay the publisher (like Marvel) monthly to read their catalogue, 2: I don't have to risk infecting my computer(s) & Network reading comics for free on a sketchy site (or torrents,) 3: they don't require electricity or internet to work. I'll gladly pay $1-$10 for a single book. Besides, when I have kids and they're old enough I can be like "Here, this is what Mom read back when she was 9, they're often far better than the movies. Get stains on them and yer buying me another." Usually, I read them between breaks from work.

This is mostly a generalized list, I got:

+Excalibur:1-48 (+ 2-3 Specials.) These were a steal, I got all of 'em (cept for the Specials,) for $1 each. Highly recommended for reading.
+X-Men #1 & #2 (Lee&Williams era,) #1 is autographed by the color artist Scott Williams, and is the collectors version with all 4 cover variants as a fold-out.
*Infinity trilogy: I've got the main story/branches of the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and Infinity Crusade. At the moment I'm collecting all the crossovers for all 3 stories.
*Ghost Rider (1990)+ Spirits of Vengeance + O.G. 1970's Ghost rider [Essentials vol #2]. The stories from the 90's have been a really rewarding read so far; the art is fantastic and the stor(ies) are fairly solid. I got 2-10 (and some others like 25, 32), it's been really hard holding off reading them in order, but I plan to get more. They've been coming with Posters, one even had a Pop-out scene that was really neat to behold.
*Wolverine 1982 [Claremont & Miller], + Wolverine & Kitty Pride (1-6 complete.) LOVE IT.
*Aliens (Darkhorse): Genocide, Labyrinth, War. Predator vs Batman. Still wanna get Rogue, and maybe Superman vs Aliens.
*O.G. Guardians of the Galaxy. (just 2-3 issues.)
*Misc: Gambit, Fantastic Four, Adam Warlock (70's ver,) Dr. Strange, Dr. Who, Farscape, Robocop, Judge Dredd, Deadpool, Ninja Turtles, just to name a few (still have more.) We do have Preacher but only vol #2 of a set of 4 (glad to hear the comic is better than the show, as the family did enjoy the show.)

Akira, Parasyte, Battle Angel, Berserk, Vampire Hunter D, Gunsmith Cats, Appleseed + Ghost in the Shell, Kabuki (David Mack) just to name a few.

Misc comics I like: Calvin & Hobbes, Farside, Tin Tin, Terminal Lance, Greenside/Broadside, Oglaf, just to name a few more.

From the tomb's picture

Oh yeah lot of good stuff, 90's and old Ghost rider, Dark Horse Predator and Aliens, Robocop... Check Judge Dredd / Aliens and Dredd / Predator, fun read. The first Batman / aliens is also pretty fun :)
In Manga style my favourite is Fist of The North Star.

MorticiA's picture

Oh shit, there's an Aliens vs Dredd? Yea, I'm totally gonna check that out.

At some point I'll get Batman/Ninja Turtles, it's co-written by one (or both) writer/creators of TMNT [Eastman & Liard.] Oh yea, the animated OVA of Batman/TMNT is rather good too, no cringe, just exactly what the two franchises are supposed to be.

Oh yea, I know Fist of the North Star. Good fun.

From the tomb's picture

Recently reread the first Marshall Law saga, Fear and loathing, pure gold, with a charismatic anti hero, some similarities with Dredd, check it out ;)

Polite Rude Boy's picture

mostly read manga these days, but I used to collect some comics, a lot of Moon Knight. Once upon a time I had just about all his solo stuff up till the Bemis run, even the Marc Spector: Moon Knight stuff (which was a *rough* read lol). Only ever read up till the 2014 series, past that just never got around to it. I think my favorite ones were the original one with Moench/Sienkewicz, and then the ~2006 series where they got all gritty and whatnot

It's newer, but another series I really liked was Superior Foes of Spider-Man, very funny. Don't even think Spider-Man was in it xD

From the tomb's picture

I have some good memories of old Moon Knight comics, I remember an annual with the Punisher, good read :)

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Dead World vol. 1 (Vince Locke)

overkill386's picture

the savage sword of conan !

From the tomb's picture

Savage Sword, maybe the most iconic b&w magazine of all times.

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Also all the Gwar comic books!

From the tomb's picture

Never red any raaaa

marcuslarson's picture

I can't say that I'm a fan, but sometimes I can read something. Started reading The Left Bank Gang Novel by Jason now, and it's pretty interesting. Also, I have a literature course, where we discuss different books, and sometimes comics too. But usually I read something classical, or historical. Also, from time to time, I need to write different papers, so I have to read the info related to them. It's not always easy for me, but the last time I came across this page https://edubirdie.com/examples/reflective-essays/ which provided me with some samples on the topic I needed to write, it was the first time I finished the writing that fast. Now I'll always use such resources because it helps a lot. And maybe I'll finally find time for more comics.

doomtilldeath's picture

Im a huge fan of the original Mirage Studios TMNT comics.
Besides that Ive been reading Junji Ito's horror short stories lately.
As a kid I loved Spawn so might grab a few of those at some point.

From the tomb's picture

Love the original TMNT in black and white. Red Spawn until #100 or so, the animated serie is pretty cool.

RealAnton.io's picture

Big into my comic collecting, I've got a complete run of Vol.1 Invincible Iron Man and working my way through Tales of Suspense from #39 upwards. Got a whole range of stuff but Iron Man has always been my main focus but got to find another run to focus on since i've nearly finished Tales of suspense lol

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