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Caution using payal

Sat, 18/02/2017 - 07:34

I bought a shirt from eBay for $20. So I pay via PayPal connected directly to my bank. Seller contacts me saying payment is on review and he won't ship shirt unless payment clears. I agree and we wait 3 days. Nothing. So I call PayPal and they asked me to connect seller and make him refund money to start it over... They could not refund it themselves. Seller is hard to contact since he is busy. Seller refunds it a day later and I send it again. Payment on hold AGAIN!!! I call PayPal and this time they claim he does not accept USD. Seller later inform me he used to, have UK bank account but moved here with American account and their should be no issue. PayPal demands I contact seller to make refund but I said fuck no. You guys fix this. Your severs, you website, your problem. Me and seller have American bank accounts their should not be an issue. This time they clear the money... What the fuck?! You could have fixed this DAYS ago. Was fucking pissed. From now on I only use my card through PayPal. Much quicker. Save yourself the pain.

darkm's picture

I had some similar issues with a shop run at etsy. All payments were on hold, reviewed and then returned by Paypal automatically. In my case it wasnt the sellers fault at all. Paypal never ever reacted to my Emails but returned all the money - it took some time.

Iberian_warchief's picture

Uugh fuck yeah man. I swear they are looking for sneaky way to steal money

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

I sold $1000 worth of shirts on eBay years ago. PayPal wouldn't send me MY money....they wanted "proof of identity" I sent pics of my drivers license, bank statement & passport.....they said it wasn't enough. Sent pics of my workers licence, electricity bill and even my birth certificate......same response. I called them personally about them running a joke of a company, accused them of stealing my information and demanded they pay MY money straight away. Money cleared that day with minimal fees and never had a problem again,. Stand up to these thieves....they are mostly run by computers.

Iberian_warchief's picture

What the fuck?!? $1000?!?! SHIT. Glad you got it

NocturnalOccultist's picture

fuck GayPal and its 21 day money-hold policy!!! I stop using eGay because of the requirements with GayPal is fuckin ridiculous!

Iberian_warchief's picture

21 days!? FUCKING Hell. Glad I called instead of waiting.

VoiceOfTheSoul's picture

Using paypal through bank accounts is a long and drawn out process - it takes them way too long to send funds when you have to take them directly from your bank account. My advice - send x amount to your paypal account from your bank rather than paying straight through your bank account. It takes a few days for it to process, but after it's in your account the transactions processed afterwards are essentially immediate.

Iberian_warchief's picture

Yes as I painfully learned. Will never do that again.

Metaldemon's picture

E check!!!!!! Takes 6 days to clear check your PayPal setting. Its a bunch bullshit!

Fimbulvintr's picture

Well said Doc, far too many a-Etsy sellers post pics of vintage shirts at believable prices but never send anything but their best regards. It's a pain trying to get your money back when you send it like that. I fell for it once trying to get one of the white/grey Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss shirts for $80 and I had to go through my bank to get my money back

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a chicken's picture

Another bot account😭

_ashes.against.the.grain_'s picture

These bots are everywhere fs

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