Old school funeral doom winter jacket

Fri, 10/11/2017 - 14:53

Winter jacket with only old school funeral doom bands.

Not for sale or trade


Nater90's picture

Can't go wrong with Mournful Congregation & Disembowelment!!!!

BP looks epic, Going to have a listen!


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  • Everytime I see old Behemoth use the word Pomeranian my mind jumps to the stupid fucking dog breed.
  • simple mais super cool
  • This is great! Love the title man!
  • I enjoyed It!
  • Of course! That's why I took pictures. Thank again!
  • Thanks! I just bought the "Run To The Light" promo two weeks ago, had no idea it existed.
  • Sweet!
  • Must be! Hahahaha I gotta live it to believe it tho! Hahaha hope you had fun there!
  • it looks really nice. you should be happy with it
  • thanks I like this one heaps
  • There was some crazy shit going on in that place!
  • Yeah. Id be down. this is XL. shoot me a direct message
  • Sweet!
  • Saw videos of the show and it looked insane!
  • Very generous gift !!
  • Just killer! I still regret having sold my Slaughter shirt years ago.


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