leather jacket

Mon, 28/05/2018 - 18:25
Not for sale or trade
leather jacket
leather jacket


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  • Its actually from Eerache records.
  • Thanks! Its amazing album. They played this one live here. warm for Mayhem.
  • Now its tough for US people to travel to Canada as well and back...life is getting weird :)
  • I can have a look...do you have any particular one you're looking for?
  • Mate, this is insane
  • Sooooo, you saying there is some deadstock shops...? Have you seen sone TЧРЭ 0 ИЭGДТIVЭ shirts there?
  • For me the best album.To me it seems Infernus put everything out of the closet to get the most rumerous BM musicians tog
  • Seeing your recent uploads and all the shirts you found.. I think I may wanna go to Canada! This is a cool one too..
  • No Morbid Angel??? It's shock to me! I can understand Deicide, but MA... They are blasphemous, but not that much.
  • Great album, great cover art and classic logo is the best!
  • Same thing here, I can guess only separate words, but if I read lyrics and listening at the same time, then I can unders
  • Well, it was a beginning, borders were open, and if someone wanted to move to another country, they did it.
  • Agree. I just bought it cause of the 2009 tag. Hoping its becoming rare :))
  • Thanks! One of my fav from 2017!
  • For sure...lots of deadstock here...seems like these shirts are buried here...I can drive you around these shops if ever
  • Awesome album cover deserves awesome patch!
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