Mon, 12/03/2018 - 17:00

Despite I grew out of the patch frenzy long ago, I recently felt the urge to craft a more minimalist (wouldn't deem it as simple at all) jacket featuring some of my favourite cacophonies.

Six patches. Four die-cast metal pins. Everything is official. But nothing will stand the test of time...

Not for sale or trade


rasmuskvist's picture

Awesom taste and clean jacket

AbysmalWind's picture

Cheers mate, your vests are just priceless

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Brutal nen!

Nater90's picture

Simple and great, Nice to see some Grave Upheaval, Would love to see em live one day.

AbysmalWind's picture

Fingers crossed I'll make it to Berlin in November...

Your response: most welcome mate (am I some kind of a soothsayer???)

Nater90's picture

Oh nice, Hope you can make it man!!

Haha, I do tend to post the same thing with a bunch of people speaking different languages I keep some responses basic and monotonous.

AbysmalWind's picture

Thanks! Hope I will!


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  • Right? Thanks for the flames man!
  • Eyeing off the shirt too, maybe two turn one into a backpatch.
  • Nice one. Whenever I see this I instantly think Black Metal version of Black Sabbath's debut.
  • Yeah, and they still have the patch so go for it! I took the shirt also with the same design.
  • its a good beer if you like Belgium beer
  • Woah... that's a design!
  • I'm super stoked to own this
  • Wow some amazing shirts!! Thanks.
  • Sold to ManicValentine97. Enjoy.
  • http://www.neuroparecords.com/application/shop/merch.php?shop=neuropa-records&product=42
  • That backprint is too fucking cool! And those band pictures holy crap. Got to love a band that looks that part!
  • Loving it. Need that Ulver...
  • Looks good man.
  • Very nice edition!
  • Damn to small...
  • Hells yeah