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Battle Jacket mixed bag

Wed, 11/06/2014 - 21:26

So here's my WIP battle jacket. First of all, credit for sewing the patches goes to my sister in law. You don't want to see me doing anything with a needle. I would probably die of anemia. As for the composition, my girlfriend helped me out as well to get a coherent combination.

I love symmetry when talking about battle jackets. It may not be as random as a thrashy kutte with patches of various sizes, but that's me. ;) I like to keep things rather simple and I love square and rectangular patches more than others (although there's also a place for the boogey man :) ). I do not want to cover my vest with a carpet of patches. I like the sight of my jacket too much.

Band-wise, the jacket is a mixed bag of various subgenres of metal.

I am very satisfied with the back of the jacket. I consider this part of the jacket more or less finished. As with the front, there's still plenty of room for six to eight patches. Rectangular patches of Woods of Ypres and Dark Tranquillity are definitely on my hit list. :) Iced Earth as well if I come across any cool rectangular or square patches.

Comments and feedback are welcome. :)

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Battle Jacket mixed bag
Battle Jacket mixed bag

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  • Florian Elton patch i made too bad an offer ^^ The patch was on Ebay ;)
  • Rob I didn't get it in US it's UK auction :D
  • Sepultura arise A GONE sepultura arise B GONE toxic holocaust GONE
  • Very nice!
  • Impressive stuff!
  • Hello. Do you have any plans to sell this shirt in the future? ??
  • Just so you know, I know our ancestors were dark skinned and likely had afro hair. I have zero issue with that.
  • Don't judge people unless you know them personally. Trust me on that.
  • Welcome to the club!
  • Neat SOD patch.
  • Cheers bro!!
  • You should be, man, great piece of memorabilia!
  • I sewed the tag on. It was attached but by only 1 string. Super happy though with this find!
  • The stitch pattern is very '90s, but this looks like a bootleg to me (albeit a decent one).
  • Cool pics, dude! \m/
  • MAN i would pay TOP TOP dollar for this
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