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        • Looks great, and I love when a vest has personal history.
        • ahahaah
        • beautiful! great, really enjoying the overall colour scheme here!
        • I love this album, great shirt.
        • Nice shirt
        • Great shirt one of the best Katatonia album.
        • It definitely has a pretty good old school Katatonia feel. Sounds Of Decay maybe? :)
        • please upload, we wanna see :)
        • Hahahaha!!! I have a Psycho Surgery SCRUB! Got it new in the early 90’s and never wore it.
        • Danke dir. Den Battle hab ich von einem User hier gekauft. Ist ein relativ weit verbreiteter Bootleg.
        • yes please show us..
        • and yeah a Death Shall Rise patch for sure..
        • pm'd you. full flames for Suffocation
        • Nice! good to have a comparrison
        • I'll upload photo later. On bootlegs : A different logo font Pentagram's inner and outer circle thickness
        • Have it as well

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