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  • shirts & patchs on sale...::: https://my.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbayBeta&CurrentPage=MyeBayNextSelling&am
  • Fantastic Biut of a shame though that they didn't make the entekagram red
  • Thank you very much mate
  • great collection!
  • lookin good man!
  • Yeag i´m form spain and yes, i love Dishammer , but they have never played a show near where i live, and they've sp
  • Great!
  • Killer!
  • Nice one, I like the combination of patches and studs. And the Therion patch is awesome, where did you get that?
  • That's pretty neat.
  • This rules!
  • Wow Killer shirt Underrated band
  • Love this album So glad you have it, Liam :)
  • Haven't seen much better looking tourshirts ;)
  • Thanks man! I got lucky with this one.
  • very cool, never seen a sweatshirt version!
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