Metal band : Judas Iscariot

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  • thank you mate :-) haha yeah same here I want everything !!!
  • Great collection, I want that dismember patch back fucking bad I once had it and traded it for a back patch fuck I just
  • They look awesome with a vest on
  • It’s a keeper for sure
  • Definitely! I have the one you’re talking about also, the round one is too dark
  • That sleeve is crazy lol
  • Welcome, Could you pick a favourite album?
  • Thank you,and I agree...Drowning the Light is great band.
  • I will keep the way,I think this quantity of patches are good and I keep the jacket style too.
  • Have the same. Such a killer hoodie
  • That is fucking killer!
  • Fucking seeexxxxyyy
  • That looks epic, prefer this over the circle patch. Better detail.
  • Hahahaha bloody oath.
  • Thanks for all of your replies guys, appreciated :)
  • Good thinking, I've done that for ones that don't fit. Haha very nice.

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