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  • wave your cameras in the air everyone!
  • Yeah, fair one, you were exactly right! The filming, I’m sure, went well; the gig was great.
  • trust me, I know... How was it? Grabed a shirt? Hope so! How was the video shooting?
  • Geilo Voidcrew. Es scheint wir haben einen ähnlichen Geschmack.
  • thanks mate - add some spice to the collection without the black. haha :)
  • thanks madbutcher, indeed it is!
  • What size do you need i have a smaller one maybe we could just straight trade?
  • If you ever decide to sell this, please contact me first!
  • Ohhhh that's cool..... if you ever decide to sell this, please contact me first !!!! Thanks :D
  • What's your favorite record by them?
  • the color and the desing is so 90's...it's so fucking great!
  • True and only older Carcass fans knew that there is only limited print on this version of longsleeve and short sleeve on
  • Awesome and creative vest.
  • Shaping up nicely! You've got good taste in patches and added details.
  • Ich war in Ludwigsburg!
  • Ich war in Ludwigsburg!


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