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my Metallica Battle Jacket -- Work in progress --

Tue, 26/07/2022 - 11:41

I wanted a unique battle jacket and I am also a big fan of Luke Preece and his "History" design is one of my favourites.
As I couldn't find a back patch to suit my needs, I had to opt for a hand painted job.
But as I'm a crappy painter, I had to find an artist willing to try.....

And that's how Tanya from Ukraine comes into the picture :)

As you can see, the artist did a great job. An impressive final piece of art... Exactly what I had envisioned.
Communication was excellent, the jacket itself is high quality and fits perfectly, the shipping package was bulletproof.
Absolutely no disappointments. I can only recommend.
If you want the painted jacket of your dreams, she will make it happen 🤘.

Esty shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TdEmWorkShop
Instagram: @dobro.tanya

The front is still in progress: the plan is to have patches and Metallica pins everywhere.
I'll update the post later when it will be finished \m/

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2022
my Metallica Battle Jacket -- Work in progress --

MC Sauerkraut's picture

Man, this is beatiful. Nice that there is a little hint for every album.

Timbertwin's picture

that is the beauty of this design :)
Originaly a poster for the concert in Manchester in 2019.

MC Sauerkraut's picture

So it just has to be covered with cum, blood and piss to represent Load and Re-Load;) just kidding;)
But is there something for Ride the ligtning, haven`t seen anything yet?

Lloyd H's picture

Strap around the head from an electric chair

MC Sauerkraut's picture

Thanks. How obvious and i was wondering what a belt has to do with Metallica;)

Lloyd H's picture

No worries mate - I'm still trying to spot anything relating to Death Magnetic! As for Load is that meant to be a cigar with flames/smoke coming off it like the ones they were proper posing about with on the album photo?

Lloyd H's picture

That is high quality work! Fantastic!

Dante's picture

Wow, stunning work! Gorgeous!

VoodooChild's picture


Halo of Flies's picture

Wow. How much?

Timbertwin's picture

You can find all information in the shop of the artist: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TdEmWorkShop

Knightwhosayni's picture

Great job! Why the French flags if I may ask?

Timbertwin's picture

the original design is with 2 union jack flags but as I'm french myself....let's represent the country ;)

Lloyd H's picture

Bet you will get LOADS of positive comments and envious glances when you wear that at gigs!

Original poster and more here, prices look reasonable but a lot of it has sold out:


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