Black, White & Red


Nater90's picture

Great taste, Who cares about the weather, Kuttes are meant to be warn and to get haggard as fuck!!!!!

Thrasher2000's picture

Ziet er goed uit man!

Beast89's picture

Thanks. Er zit best veel tijd in het zoeken van de juiste patches, maar ik ben er zelf ook erg tevreden mee.

Anarchothrasher's picture

simple but great looking.Great bands too!

Beast89's picture

Thanks, I went for a simple but good looking design with this one.

Thorwald's picture

I see you've got a Death Alley patch. Really nice band, saw them a year and a half ago in Oslo. What a blast.

Beast89's picture

Actually, there are two Death Alley patches. The Volhöuwe patch is from Death Alley as well. However, for me it's more of a subtle Lemmy tribute. It's Dutch for "hang in there" and I bought it at one of the Lemmy tribute shows they did last december.
But yeah, it's a great band.

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