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  • Oh man! Wish I could see Satyricon back in the day. Let alone get their shirts
  • I like this one as well. There is only one slight issue that i better warn you.
  • same with me
  • Absolutely love your vest! Gets better with each update
  • I like the red bootleg version of this shirt like the one you have.
  • Definitely, the production is a bit odd for me... but its a great album
  • the headbangin group in the middle
  • No problem :) It’s worth a try.
  • Well so far nothing beats loaning my Sepultura tapes to my grandad.
  • Great shirt! My favourite "modern" Katatonia album.
  • Thanks!
  • Great shirt from the matrix black metal era
  • Kraath damaged his voice during recordings.
  • That’s what I thought when I saw it... C’est vraiment magnifique comment que les deux s’unisent
  • Hahaha!!! That must have been quite funny!!!
  • Thank you !
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