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Recent Comments

  • Yeah this Full dynamic range reissue is astounding.
  • You haven't lived!
  • I do not believe that I have ever owned an article of clothing with a giant weiner on it! :-)
  • Yup, this one really look like this the front logo simplify different with the back logo as the shirt made in two versio
  • great shirt, but the logo looks sketchy, is it from the camera or does it really look like this ?
  • I absolutely adore this sweater man, I love it!
  • So awesome they Re-released that one..
  • Nice one! Love the album artwork on this one..
  • Jup.
  • Right on!
  • I haven't seen this one!
  • Congratulations!
  • Really nice patch! Agree it’s much better looking than LAEFS, though it’s an inferior album.
  • Amazing
  • Thanks brother. Yes the collection is great,especialy because of that red logo shirt that the band make before the albu
  • Hell yeah!!!


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