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Wed, 11/07/2018 - 17:29

OK, Dr.Death, i have a 1 in 4 guns n roses, steven adler patch / tapestry that is off the chain.VERY RARE 2009 ADLERS APPETITE 1 IN 4 BIG PATCH / TAPESTRY. steven was gonna` produce these, and scraped the idea, so there was 4 made. 3 are not for sale & i was lucky enough to score this with some help from a friend. you cannot find, buy or look this up. 1 in 4 in the world, means you will never see another. if i do not find a real buyer, then im going to make my first battlejacket. has "09 on it, so im assuming 2009.alot bigger than most backpatches 15 1/4 wide & 16 3/4 long. no 100 dollar offers, already turned down 200.

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  • ha thats good. the shirt is good quality. I did see the reviews. Those guys got screwed big time.
  • Thanks !
  • yes mostly from the early 2000's era.
  • Thats really weird, I mean, you border with US. It also weird how much comments we posted here))
  • It's totally legit, you can say it by the print quality and Merch Direct tag, Merch Direct are printing shirts for
  • Hm, maybe Bloody Kisses shirt. I don't think they will have shirts from the 90's.
  • Hammer Teil Wollte den auf eBay com kaufen, der Typ wollte aber 19€ für Versand :(
  • Thanks! Immigration Canada should start giving me a cut :) I am better than their advertisement campaign :)
  • Do you like the newer Gorgoroth stuff? much more cleanee BM.
  • Its actually from Eerache records.
  • Thanks! Its amazing album. They played this one live here. warm for Mayhem.
  • Now its tough for US people to travel to Canada as well and back...life is getting weird :)
  • I can have a look...do you have any particular one you're looking for?
  • Mate, this is insane
  • Sooooo, you saying there is some deadstock shops...? Have you seen sone TЧРЭ 0 ИЭGДТIVЭ shirts there?
  • For me the best album.To me it seems Infernus put everything out of the closet to get the most rumerous BM musicians tog
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