How to do online purchases

Thu, 05/01/2017 - 03:23

Im new to all this online stuff...usually i find a store to buy my patches n jackets how do i trade n sell online?


On here go to the top bar where it says Upload then click Upload to Gallery and upload your own items filling in the details of what it is and a picture.

To see what's currently for sale or trade go to the bar and click Sale / Trades.


Thanks for that info but i already got that down...I wanted to know what the process of trading and selling was?


Oh ok, Well you can go into a section to transfer it to a users account by putting in their username.


Once on the page of the item you're interested in, click on "Ask about a trade or sale" on the upper right corner (given the said item is for trade or sale). It'll lead you to a PM page. Make your offer. Once a deal is agreed upon, it's a habit here that the user with less reviews sends items/money first. When what you sent is received by the other user, he/she'll send his/her stuff to you. For the first deals you may want to use registered shipping. And Paypal for sales.


nothing like spending time to reply to someone and not even get a thanks!!!


Ha, courtesy... Maybe he hasn't seen it / checked his track tab since he's new here though.


yeah, i think i need to make that part easier to follow... next feature coming up :) its easy to become lost in the chatter


Good idea! Looking forward to it.

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