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  • Five flames for the Death's Head badge...
  • I thought DKNY only made girly stuff. This is actually pretty cool looking.
  • for Art Version Soldout , i only have Logo Versrion "Habitual Infamy" Please Send Messega at Limitedblasting@G
  • Yeah, just did! I found the music pretty underwhelming to be quite honest...
  • Das war während Visigoth, da war ich am Abgehen :D
  • thanks man!
  • Fucking sick
  • Godlike
  • Haha I get that lol, to me they're like dimmu Borgir or cradle on steroids
  • Thanks my dude it was ether that or orange, but I think this was the better choice
  • No chance you'd ever be interested in parting with these? I got lots to trade.
  • Thanks dude!
  • Great bands and the colours of the patches fit perfectly together!
  • Is this the one with Fiend tag?
  • All their Dissection is sold out?
  • Yes, its going to be reprinted a week or so!
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