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  • You are
  • Claro que sí, he visto a los Casualties aquí en Argentina en el 2009.
  • Got the dying remains one from the same guy who was selling this, great shirt!
  • Hell ya! Thanks man!
  • Thanks!
  • Its a classic...
  • One of my favorite albums.
  • Thanks! I'm glad the colours do stand out!
  • Awesome fuckin' vest! Oldschool and metalpunk!
  • Thanks, I'll see how that looks next time I'm sewing
  • Hahaha and i thought i had a lot of hard to find shirts haha Your shirt collection is impressive
  • Wooooaaah! And I thought I had a lot of CDs!
  • mas q cierto pana...y una banda super chevere en vivo como personalmente.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQjk7NQZRkM
  • Thanks! Now im looking for the long sleeve :)
  • Jajajaja y eso?
  • You're welcome, Dave!!! ;)

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