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  • Nice one.
  • hahaha yeah, it's good to talk to him on the phone now and then, but that's it hahahaha
  • Ugh fucking love it, DTL are amazing.
  • yeah...unfortunately they do hahahaha
  • Love him or hate him, he was a pioneer.
  • Moths like metal to bro!! Haha.
  • For sure. Cold Lake is a good album! Just the cousin you don't invite to dinner haha.
  • True man, now we use the internet for everything.
  • Wow, that's obsure! I have their demotape but haven't listened to it in ages. Never seen the shirt before.
  • It's official merch !!!...Can't you order from the US store ???
  • Damn.... You should do it for a career, people pay for quality.
  • I'm so proud :D
  • Such an amazing LS.
  • hahahaha....yeah, my boy band shirt hahahaha
  • yess...definitely fantastic...but also trashed; there's a lot of holes in this one...
  • no..eggplant purple or something like that haha...

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