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Recent Comments

  • Totally agree.I also find their first 2 albums the best.
  • Another stunning piece by Katatonia. Amazing album cover as well.
  • wow, you're right, I didn't even notice the back print was different from my other one. Subtle...
  • Same thing if I put smaller logos instead of the lower backshapes, that's just how it is.
  • Thanks man. He's really in his element with Tormentor.
  • :O
  • Cool front print.
  • Nice jacket! Especially that bat badge
  • I like the idea of that At The Gates at your collar and the pyramid studs I don't like the look of having four back
  • Truth.
  • Despite the language barrier, I still find that funny, haha.
  • Thanks man. That book looks extremely impressive. Cult never Dies has a shitload of amazing things for sale.
  • I've been tempted to buy this, but such a stunning artwork by Nekronikon doesn't look half as good on a tee.
  • Wasn't too impressed by the shirts I've seen on online.
  • Thanks man.
  • Thank you man.


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