Metal band : Savatage

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hammer_alive with 14 entries
Speed or Bleed with 9 entries
Joel with 8 entries
Stiopa with 7 entries
Grimlord with 6 entries
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Kirkenbrann - Before The Dawn from

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Recent Comments

  • Cool shots, man. I'm going to attend their show next november in my hometown.
  • I got it too, but not in this mint condition. Nice catch.
  • metal up your ass
  • Cool ... again one of those awesome ( and simple ) shirts. Siege are/were great
  • This one is just fanatastic
  • Great colors
  • Cool patch
  • Thank you :) ... just heard that song recently on the radio haha
  • Thank you :)
  • Thanks :) ... looks really cool
  • When meanigless shows us his new vest I'll start mine ... so I'm pretty sure I still got some time left hehehe
  • Really?! ... damn mate, sad you missed it. It's really cool patch
  • ya since everyone puts just black and white nothing wrong with that just different for once and it looks badass
  • Looks awesome :)
  • damn that's cool and I bet it was hard to do and heavy as fuck haha
  • Nice!

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