3 New Patches for Perkele

Thu, 19/04/2012 - 14:15
Not for sale or trade
Patch - 3 New Patches for Perkele

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Recent Comments

  • Fastkill, Razor, Sabbat, and Abigail under one roof. Ugh god I'd kill to see this in Osaka....
  • nice!!
  • Yeah, im still undecided.
  • forgot the flames haha
  • Pretty nice shirt man
  • killer vest , i like those absurd , burzum and taake patches
  • cheers
  • thx , ye i like it this way and i wont change it until i find those rarest backpatches
  • Good album! And good thing it's been reissued. The originals go for like hundreds of dollars o.o
  • Yeah UK Decay's manager (not uk decay themselves) was giving the organisers some grief because they couldnt pander
  • Fuck, I need money.
  • thx mate !!
  • damn. wish i could see them. can understand it being kinda strange.
  • danku
  • nice! die carol ann is echt goed gelukt
  • i like this patch,better than some of the other Maiden bootlegs getting around \m/

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